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POST PUC DIPLOMA IN JOURNALISM (Karnataka Open University) :

Duration 1 year


  1. Paper I : Principles of Mass Communication.
  2. Paper II : Survey of the Indian Press.
  3. Paper III : Reporting Methods and Press Laws
  4. Paper IV : Editing Techniques and Creative Writing
  5. Paper V : Advertising and Public Relations.
  6. Paper VI : Newspaper Management and Current Affairs. Internal Assessment
  • Study materials will be supplied by the University.
  • Contact programme will be held at Mysore during the month of April which is compulsory.
  • Examination will be held at Mysore/Bangalore.


Any Degree from any Recognised University

Details of the fees

  1. Admission fee Rs. 1500/- through DD/Cheque only
  2. Programme & Registration Fees Rs. 4,100/-
  3. Examination fees to be paid during February.

Degree with or without Qualification       "Tamil Nadu Open University"      "Bangalore University"      "SSLC"