Mysore correspondence college & Oceanik Education Society ®

Bachelor of Library & Information Science :

Duration 1 year

Subject to be studied :

  1. Library, Information & Society
  2. Management of Libraries & Information Centres
  3. Information Processing: Classification-I (Theory)
  4. Information Processing: Cataloguing-II (Theory)
  5. Information Sources & Services
  6. Fundamentals of Information Technology
  7. Information Processing: Classification-I (Practical)
  8. Information Processing: Cataloguing-II (Practical)
  • Each paper is of 100 marks of which 20 marks is for Internal Assessment and 80 for Theory. Practicals are for 75 marks of which 65 is for Practicals and 10 for Internal Assessment.


Degree from any Recognised University

Details of the fees

  1. Rs. 1500/- to be paid as admission fees
  2. Rs. 7,250/- to be paid as registration, Examination, course fees

Degree with or without Qualification       "Tamil Nadu Open University"      "Bangalore University"      "SSLC"