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M.A (TamilNadu Open University) :

Duration : 3 years

MA in Public Administration

Eligibility :Bachelor's Degree from any recognised University

Duration : 2 years

1. Rs. 1,500/- towards application and service charges.

2. Rs.4,000/- to be paid along with the Registration application.

3. Examination Fees Rs. 1,100/- to be paid during February.

I year

  • Principles of Management.
  • Organisation Theory
  • Indian Administration
  • Comparative Administrative systems
  • Administrative Thinkers.

II year

  • Public Personnel Administration
  • Public Financial Administration
  • Development Administration
  • Administration Law
  • Environmental Administration

MA Social Work

I year

  • Profession of Social Work
  • Foundation of Sociology & Psychology for Social Work
  • Social work with individuals and groups
  • Social Work Research
  • Field Work - Observation Visits

II year


    SPECIALIZATIONS : The Students may choose ANY ONE of the following areas of specialisation. However, TNOU reserves the right to offer only specific specialisations during any year based on the enrolment of the students. The students are not permitted to choose more than one specialisation or choose different courses from different specialisations.


    1. Social Work with Communities & Welfare Administration

    2. Rural Community Development

    3. Urban Community Development

    4. Corporate Social Responsibility

    5. Research Project


    1.Social Work with Communities & Welfare Administration

    2. Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development

    3.Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations

    4.Organization Behaviour and Organization Development

    5.Research Project


Bachelor's Degree from any recognised University

Degree with or without Qualification       "Tamil Nadu Open University"      "Bangalore University"      "SSLC"