Mysore correspondence college & Oceanik Education Society ®

B.B.M. [English Medium]

Duration 3 year

Subject to be studied :

I Year

Tamil(Language) English(Language) Elements of Calculus Trigonometry,Analytical Geometry(3d) and Vector Calculus Differential Equations

II Year

Tamil (Language) English (Language) Groups and Rings Statistics and Mechanics Classical Algebra and Numerical Methods Environmental Studies

III Year

Real and Complex Analysis Linear Algebra and Boolean Algebra Linear Programming and Operations Research Programming in C and C++ Graph Theory


10+2 or Equivalent , If non-10+2 :BPP from any Open University or BPP of TNOU to be completed along with other courses

Details of the fees

  1. Rs.1500 + Rs.1000 for 10+2 candidates
  2. Rs.2000 + Rs.1000 for non 10+2 candidates

Degree with or without Qualification       "Tamil Nadu Open University"      "Bangalore University"      "SSLC"